(10:19:02) Marjie: goes both ways. the things that are worth caring about that we should care about we go out of our way to accomodate. they should do the same at times. maybe that’s why relationships do not work so often. people think that individuality is lost when a single individual desire is given up. gaining common ground and comforts maybe just isn’t as valuable to people as their own egos. and people then lose each other in the name of freedom and their own rugged individualism when in fact, it’s arrogance and an inability to see the value of balances.
(10:20:01) Marjie: you don’t have to make yourself to suffer to accomodate the ones you love usually… yet a fear of having to accomodate too much makes people believe they’ve already lost and are suffering, when in fact, they’re perfectly fine.
(10:22:04) Marjie: so there ya have it. we trade people for fear. pretty fucking brilliant world, huh.
(10:22:10) Will: No shit.