It was a very good year indeed. I just finished reading Mista Cassella’s blog, and I loved his reflection on the year that has been, so I thought I’d take my own crack at it.

What is life? Life is what happens in the moments between each step of worrying and planning for the future. It’s what happens when you connect with the people closest to you. It’s what happens when you laugh hysterically at something other people raise their eyebrow at, it’s what happens when you put your head in your hands and cry from overwhelming emotion. It’s fucking up, it’s recovering, and it’s most importantly learning how not to take yourself too seriously.

Life is the dress rehearsal for a play that will never show…might as well have some fun with it, eh?

We’ve all made it through our own forms of trials and tribulations over the year, and 2005 will definitely be one to remember. For the first time I can remember, I’m actually excited to see what’s coming in the near future instead of terrified of the dull pounding monotony I once thought it would be. That has much to do with my dear friends and their influence on my life as well as my own choice that I’ve spent enough time feeling sorry for myself and that it’s finally time to move forward.

Sunday was a beautiful night. Mike, Kelly and I standing on the roof of the Pacific Tower (Kelly, feel free to correct me if I’ve misnamed the building here), watching the lightning dance across the Portland horizon through the rust colored sky – it was a moment I’ll remember for a long time, both for its scenic beauty and the hidden meaning – the three of us standing atop a roof watching the electricity signifying the pinnacle of our lives, and our willingness to look to the future without fear.

Eh, maybe I’m reading into it too much, but I think the moment was an excellent metaphor for the year that has passed and the year that is to come. For the first time ever, I’m able to enjoy the moments of my life while I’m in them, instead of getting nostalgic about that which has passed. Standing on the tower with Mike and Kelly, the bonfire last month in the wilderness with Mike, the party at Kellan’s house, the concert in Corvallis where we saw all our old college buddies, the bars, the nightlife, living downtown, going to school, Brent’s new house and upcoming marriage, Arun’s conquests in Florida – friends scattered across the country that always feel like they’re living next door because of the bonds we’ve developed.

Thank you all for a wonderful year. Here’s to the future, and most importantly, the present. Cheers.