Ah, a crack of the knuckles and the light clicking of an iBook keyboard. So the post begins.

I love blogging. I love Blogger, too. (Thanks, Google) I love the fact that we have created a new form of media, available to the masses – well, to anyone who wants to drill down to someone’s personal blog – something so potentially personal, political, and/or newsworthy.

So, on that note, I’m going to post something personal. Though, I must say, this recent blogging tirade about Sony has been quite entertaining. (You should see the note on Wikipedia where they removed my edit. “Removed biased text”)

In recent history, I’ve never been quite sure what to post here, because of the potential audience. Don’t want to confess too much, because it could either be used against me or potentially cause harm to one of my readers. So…keep it light-hearted, right? Eh, that gets boring. There’s only so much you can talk about that’s completely superficial/pointless before you lose interest in posting. (Hey, I’m ADD. It takes a lot for me to be interested in posting to my blog.)

I recently read through a couple postings on my friends’ blogs, and I must say, I’m very impressed at the range of thoughts and opinions they’re willing and able to express. Kellan’s recent post about a particularly seductive and confused individual was quite frankly awesome and directly to the point. Mike always brings the introspective posts, which are both much appreciated and well taken (as I can tell from the comments). Brent’s recent foray into the blogosphere (ouch, cliche word alert!) has been quite cool as well. I especially liked his shout-out post where he posed on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

In reading these posts, I realized that I haven’t posted anything personal, introspective, or very interesting lately. Here’s my initial effort:

Things have been going quite well lately, I must say. Desi and I are on great terms, which is very cool, cause she’s a fun cat to hang out with and it really bummed me out for a long time that we couldn’t/didn’t hang out with each other (though I know exactly the reason for that, and it was my fault). Saw an excellent movie with Mikey and crew last night called “Walk The Line” – the Johnny Cash biopic. Good stuff.

Last week involved a lot of hanging out with the Learning.com crew, which was great. I always have fun seeing those guys outside the office (as well as at the office). Thursday was Andi Starr’s show at the Fez (Asher’s wife, and a very talented musician). Friday was the wine-tasting party over at Barbara’s house – a very cool event indeed. Four of us closed the party that night with a nice bottle of wine, though I can’t remember the name of the wine right now, nor the time we actually left the party, so it must have been good. 🙂

My sister, Pauline, is coming back into town on Nov. 29, which is awesome as always – so I’m trying to get as much productive work done before then, because I have a strong feeling that we’ll be partying our asses off for that entire week. Nothing like a bit of good sibling debauchery. Hehe. Portland is our bitch. 😉

Other than that, I’m just feeling a little exhausted. Sleep and I haven’t spent a lot of time together lately, mainly because I get my creative rush (or insomnia) around the wee hours of the night. Such as now, as I’m typing this. I should be sleeping, since I have work in seven hours, but I’m feeling more awake than that.

Speaking of which, I should probably try to get some sleep now.
Oh, I’m gonna check out the Fiona Apple concert tomorrow (Nov 22) night at the Roseland, so if you’re interesting in joining us, you know how to reach me.


P.S. In case you didn’t know, the secret to the Roseland is that you can pretty much watch the concert for free from the bar on the first floor. Granted, the video quality sucks, but you can hear it just fine and drink comfortably for the entire show. Fun stuff.