A dashboard that is really a PC | CNET News.com

Makes me want to get a VW…or just build my own AutoPC. Hmmm. I think I wrote a guide about that once. Or, I did it. Or, both.

BTW, I have yet to find an interface that is even close to what I’m looking for, or close to the quality shown in this clip, with the exception of XBMC (the best media player ever, IMO) – which I’m planning to put in my car because the media player in the Eclipse AVN-5435 head unit I have completely blows. (Luckily, it has an AUX port so I can use my iPod. Can you believe it can’t even read more than 8.3 filenames on an ISO2/Joliet CD? Crap.)

BTW (x2), that Eclipse AVN-5435 head unit I just mentioned (the one I have in my Scion) is pretty damn cool. The navigation system is very useful, the sound quality is excellent, and it has a big-ass double-DIN screen. My only gripes about it are the lack of functionality in the Audio department. The internal mp3 player, as mentioned above, is next to worthless – takes seconds to merely change tracks and stumbles on browsing track titles with miniscule name displays. Again, luckily I have my iPod hooked up to the AUX (VTR) port, but I’d be pretty disappointed if I didn’t have that hooked up.

Personally, I’d probably have to suggest the Pioneer AVIC-D1 over this unit, despite the fact that the AVIC has no internal DVD movie player (who really watches movies in their car, anyway?). Or, wait for the AVIC-Z1, which is supposed to kick tons of ass.

…Or, just build yourself an AutoPC. Here are some links to help you out…