OK, I admit it. I’ve been won over by a little browser called Flock.

I had been watching the progress of the Firefox fork project (if you want to call it that, since it actually uses the current Gecko engine parallel to Firefox) since the first developer pre-release was announced and was so impressed by the most recent developer release that I sent a quasi fan-boy letter to the developers telling them that it rocked but, as they admitted, it wasn’t ready for prime time.

Within a couple of hours (great turnaround!), I recieved a message from one of the developers that thanked me for my comment and sent me a link to the newest Beta release (not yet posted on their website; current at Flock.com is aprrox version 0.5, I’m running

This Beta blows me away. The feature set is vastly improved from the developer release I had been using prior, and the integration with Flickr and WordPress/Blogger/whatever is amazing. I switched over to using this fully at the beginning of the day and haven’t needed to open up Firefox since. Or, Flickr Uploader. Or, a blog tool. Or, anything else for that matter. Almost everything you need for the (cliche alert) Web 2.0 experience is in here. So… here are some screenshots:

Flock 0.7 Version Window)

Flock (News Page)Flock (Blog Post Window)Flock (Flickr Bar)