Posted May 23rd 2006 10:11AM by Dalene Entenmann

Several facts about mouth and upper digestive tract cancers have led
researchers to develop a specially-designed chewing gum that might
eliminate the cause of these cancers. The facts are these: 80 percent
of mouth and throat cancers are linked to smoking and drinking; smoking
and drinking raises the level of acetaldehyde; acetaldehyde is linked
to a greater risk of mouth and upper digestive tract cancers; and
aminoacid l-cysteine can bind effectively to acetaldehyde to block it
from causing harm. From these facts, University of Helsinki and
Helsinki University Hospital researchers took these facts
and created l-cysteine containing and acetaldehyde eliminating tablets.
The first commercial product based on this patented method is
l-cysteine containing chewing gum.

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