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The slang term pwn (past tense pwned, pwn3d, pwnd or pwnt, various pronunciations) as used by the Internet gaming culture, means to dominate an opponent. In this context, to be pwned
can be defined as "to be defeated," with the strong connotation of also
having been "made a fool of." It is generally used for "friendly
taunting" of a player's in-game enemies, and gently "rubbing in" any
victories, no matter how fleeting. It is now used intentionally by many
members of the culture. The term has become so ubiquitous in Internet
circles that it is often used outside of gaming contexts. For example
"We pwned them hardcore in that basketball game." Its noun form is, "pwnage" (or "pwnge"). An example: "Did you see that flame war? PWNGE!"

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