A friend of mine posted their top 15 downloads on their MySpace account, which made me think to do the same (well, a top 10 at least!). Here goes:

(Win = Windows, Lin = Linux, Mac = Mac OS X)

  1. Mozilla Firefox (Win, Lin, Mac)
    Best. Web. Browser. Period. Fast, secure, tabbed browsing, extensions, adblocking, etc… Just check it out. 😉
  2. Gaim (Win, Lin) / Adium (Mac)
    Instead of running AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, etc. all at once, why not just run one program. And, oh wait, it’s free. Gaim is open source, Adium is based on Gaim. Enjoy.
  3. OpenOffice.org (Win, Lin) / NeoOffice (Mac)
    Drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office. Reads/writes way more formats than Microsoft. I use it almost exclusively now. And, saves ya $300+ on a M$ License.
  4. Flock (Win, Lin, Mac)
    Second. Best. Web. Browser. I only say second best because it’s actually based on Firefox, and cause it’s still in beta stages. Basically does everything Firefox can do, plus connects you to your del.icio.us/Flickr/Blogger account perfectly.
  5. iTunes (Win, Mac) / Banshee (Lin)
    Like music? ‘Nuff said.
  6. VLC (Win, Lin, Mac)
    Plays *everything* under the sun. Smaller memory footprint than just about any other media player, and oh yeah, it’s free. 🙂
  7. EmEditor (Win)
    It’s the only closed source/pay-for-license software I’ll recommend, just because it’s that damn good. Best. Text. Editor. Ever. (for Windows, at least)
  8. Gimp (Win, Lin, Mac)
    Near replacement for Photoshop. Probably about 80% of the features, and costs nothing. Save some money!
  9. Foxit Reader (Win)
    Adobe Reader is bloated and nasty. This is around 1mb, and loads PDFs super duper quick.
  10. Picasa (Win) / iPhoto (Mac)
    Basically, iPhoto for Windows.