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We are in Oregon, the best state in the US, which means we have skiing in the east, farm country in the valley, wine country in the south, skiing (again) right smack in the middle, the ocean out to the west, and not too many suburbs since we have urban growth boundaries, take your pick.

The Rose Festival includes the largest all floral parades in the country.

P-town is the City of Roses.

Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the country.

We can drink any city/state under the table. We have more microbreweries per capita than Germany! (i.e. we have a better night life than you!)

We have more ghost towns than any other state – yeah, we’re pretty spooky.

We don’t have to pump our own gas.

We don’t have sales tax, either.

Average Precipitation – 37″ (less than Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston or Seattle – and without that nasty humidity) – Take that!

More people drink Pabst Blue Ribbon in Portland than anywhere else in the US.

Rogue Ale Brewery, Full Sail, Pelican Brewery, Widmer, Deschutes Brewery and so much more! So many choices… so many beers… again with the best night life…

We can hit the club, drink at a friend’s house, go to the beach, and go skiing all in one weekend, year round.

We have the country’s leading clean-air mass transit system for all those who care about breathing…

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpson’s is from P-town and his father’s name is Homer.

We know how to drive, period.

Tillamook cheese is the shit!

We have The Original Pancake House.

All of you played the Oregon Trail computer game and drowned your oxen on purpose… and you know it.

Winter and spring may cause you to rust, but the summers average around 80 with no humidity.

A shout out to our neighbors below us…Please go back, back to Cali, Cali…

We take snow days whenever because it’s always snowing on Mt. Hood.

TV shows about rich kids whining haven’t got shit on The Simpson’s. Oh and don’t forget The Shining…”Here’s Johnnnnyyyy!!” … that was filmed at Timberline Lodge. One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest was filmed in the State Hospital in Salem. And Animal house was filmed in Eugene Oregon. Kindergarden Cop, The Goonies, Short Circuit, Free Willy, Chuthlu, and The Ring 2 were all filmed in Astoria. Mr. Holland’s Opus was filmed at Grant High School in Portland.

Fuck Blue Crab… Dungeness Crab is the shit, no butter necessary.

We have Crater Lake, America’s deepest lake and Hells Canyon, the world’s deepest river carved canyon.

We don’t have an accent.

Every time you see one of the Trail Blazers, not on the basketball court, they are high.

We can’t blame them, Oregon herb is dank.

Grown men who wear Birkenstocks are manly…

We clam bake, hot box, and smoke out, not up.

We get off school for one inch of snow.

Our crab is better than Maine’s lobster.

We have the best Shakespeare Festival in the world.

Move over Napa Valley… the Willamette Valley is coming to getchya!

Medical Mary J aint bad either

You can pretty much drive anywhere in Oregon and enjoy it because I would have to say that the MEN & WOMEN in Oregon Kick ASS for being beautiful !!

The ladies in oregon are hott. They are better than California girls. The ladies in Oregon like to hang at the beach in their bikinis, hike, rock climb, camp, and jump outta planes. They just flat out ROCK!!!

Oregon is the only state where you will have to switch between AC and heater several times during the day!

Oregon is home.

The world does not stop just because it rains

We recycle because it’s the right thing to do

in oregon, you get a nickel for every soda can or beer can/bottle you drink!

Oregon is intensely diverse and yet we all accept eachother for who we are

And can we say that the Oregon State Beavers are the winners of the baseball championship and the top dogs on the final 2006 Mudville Top 10 pile


Poop Face!

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About this SiteOpen Source Windows is a simple list of the best free and open source software for Windows. We aren’t trying to be a comprehensive listing of every open-source Windows application, instead we want to showcase the best, most important, and easiest to use. This page should be a handy reference and a useful tool for getting more people to start using free and open-source software. If you think we’re missing any great apps, please let us know.

Open Source Windows – Free, Open-Source software for Windows

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OK, I’m a link whore. I just realized that I have a page full of my blog that has nothing but clips from other articles. So, I figured it was time to add my own content.

Here are the things that currently pique my interest:

Yep. My boredom leads to research. I’m actually thinking of studying/training on Parkour over the summer while the weather is nice and I’m feeling motivated, though I’m sure I will hurt myself pretty badly in the learning process. Fun stuff. 🙂

Coding Horror: Windows Vista: Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs

Windows Vista: Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs

Paul Thurrott’s scathing article Where Vista Fails highlights my biggest concern with Windows Vista:

Modern operating systems like Linux and Mac OS X operate under a security model where even administrative users don’t get full access to certain features unless they provide an in-place logon before performing any task that might harm the system. This type of security model protects users from themselves, and it is something that Microsoft should have added to Windows years and years ago.

Here’s the good news. In Windows Vista, Microsoft is indeed moving to this kind of security model. The feature is called User Account Protection (UAP) and, as you might expect, it prevents even administrative users from performing potentially dangerous tasks without first providing security credentials, thus ensuring that the user understands what they’re doing before making a critical mistake. It sounds like a good system. But this is Microsoft, we’re talking about here. They completely botched UAP.

Welcome | Creative Commons

The new music video for Pearl Jam’s “Life Wasted” was released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs license, so that people anywhere can legally copy, distribute, and share the clip. This is the first Pearl Jam video to be released in eight years and the first video produced by a major label to be CC-licensed. Pearl Jam and J Records are offering the video as a free download at Google Video through June 1st. After June 1st, the clip will be made available for sale.

HOW-TO: Get music OFF your iPod – Engadget

Never did we think we’d need to do a How-To on something which should be part of the basic functionality of a portable music player, but once you put your tunes on an iPod unfortunately it’s a one-way sync unless you know the tricks for getting them off. There are already a lot of different ways to copy music off of an iPod, Apple is just choosing to spend a lot of time and resources to make it hard to do. In this How-To we show you several different ways of getting the music off of your iPod and onto both Macs and PCs, all with free tools.

Simon Guest and I have been trying to figure out how to use our new favorite font, Consolas, as a font for the command console.(I’m afraid I can’t distribute Consolas online or provide a download out of abject fear. That said, you can find it in any version of the Longhorn bits.)Turns out you can add it to the list of fonts available to the console by adding it toHKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows – Scott Hanselman – Using Consolas as the Windows Console Font

Time and AgainIn 1984, Peter Feldstein set out to photograph every last person in Oxford, Iowa. Two decades later, he’s doing it again, creating a unique portrait of heartland America

Time and Again

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