Not the exact one in this picture, but the same model. Mine had a 30MB RLL (way before IDE/(S)ATA) hard drive in place of the second disk drive, and was upgraded to a CGA color graphics card, from the original Hercules monochrome card. It even had a Bus Mouse (precursor to PS/2) port for my first mouse.

It came with MS-DOS 3.2 and GW-BASIC as well as Leading Edge Word Processor. Eventually, I traded up on the software front for the super-duper advanced WordPerfect 5 and Microsoft Word 5, which had one of the most confusing menu structures I’d ever seen. At one point, I even got it stumbling along with Windows 3.0, but that took a lot of 360KB floppies and ran very slowly.

Cheers to this bad boy for getting me started in the world of computers. 🙂

Edit: Ok, I guess it was a 20MiB (2^20 bytes, not 20,000,000 bytes) drive not a 30MB, and the CGA adapter was on the motherboard already, but had a switch to go between monochrome and CGA. The CGA mode had a maximum resolution of 640×200 at 1bit color.