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Top 10 Flickr Cameras

I stumbled on an interesting site the other day that features a list of the most popular cameras used by people who upload their photos to Flickr. I’m a huge fan of Flickr and thought this was an intriguing use of their data, which Flickr provides through open APIs. Here’s the list of the Top 10 cameras for the week of August 14th (drum roll please)…

  1. Nikon D50
  2. Nikon D70
  3. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
  4. Canon EOS 20D
  5. Canon EOS 350D Digital
  6. Nikon D70s
  7. Cybershot
  8. Canon PowerShot S2 IS
  9. Canon EOS Digital Rebel
  10. Nikon D200

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