1. Firefox – Hands down, the best web browser available. Viva la Gecko! 😉
  2. Flock – Hands down, the *second* best web browser available, and only because it’s based on Firefox code, which is already #1. Flock allows you to connect to your favorite services (flickr, blogger, del.icio.us, and more) seamlessly.
  3. Gaim – Multi-protocol chat client, connects to MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, and more.
  4. Thunderbird – Best mail client and RSS feed reader combo I’ve found. From Mozilla, like Firefox.
  5. FrostWire – LimeWire’s closest brother; essentially the same program and completely free.
  6. Media Player Classic – “Compact, but powerful media player. Plays anything under the sun. No install necessary.”
  7. Paint.NET – Sweet ass replacement for Windows Paint – and *tons* more features. Not quite as many as GIMP, but loads a bit faster. And, I’m a .NET progammer, so I like that about it too. 😀
  8. µTorrent – Itsy bitsy BitTorrent client that doesn’t need an installer. One standalone EXE. Nice!
  9. electric sheep – Not quite an app (it’s a screensaver), but it’s the trippiest/prettiest screensaver I’ve seen yet. Also works on Linux.
  10. OpenOffice.org – Of course, no list is complete without the most productive OSS app out there. Near drop-in replacement to Microsoft Office, completely free, and even works with ODF format (instead of that nasty proprietary Office .DOC/.XLS format)

More downloads, and a more complete list are available at these links: