Our anonymous AOL call center insider mailed us again, this time with a scan of the Rosetta Stone that AOL’s CSRs use to translate your strange gibberish asking for account cancellation into a language that they can understand: “Keep me signed up!”

Click on it to enlarge. The most important thing to notice here when trying to cancel your AOL account is the “Cancel Billing Close”, located at the bottom of the scan. It reads:

Okay, I’m canceling billing on your account as of today. Keep in mind you can continue to use your AOL Mail and Software for free as long as you’d like to use them. Since we are no longer providing your Internet connection, we still want you to be able to enjoy AOL. You’ll no longer be charged a monthly membership fee! for AOL. Does that take care of everything?

Most people at this point say “Yes!” but our correspondent warns us that, really, what you want to do is emphatically say “No. I want to be completely cancelled, not migrated to the free service.” AOL’s free service, after all, is a slippery slope. Our correspondent says: “If you say NO to the Cancellation Close – only then can we cancel and give a cancellation number.”