The New Marketing : Pirate-speakin’ Google not be celebratin’ no Pirate day

Subject: Re: [#73859603]
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 10:44:27 -0700

Ahoy mate,

Thank’ee fer th’ logo ye be suggestin’. We enjoy celebratin’ horlidays at Google.

As ye may imagine, it be terrible difficult fer us t’ choose which events t’ be celebratin’ on our site. We be hav’in a long list o’ horlidays that we’d be liken’ ter celebrate in th’ future. We be hav’in ter balance this rotatin’ calendar with th’ need te be maintainin’ the likeness o’ the Google homepage.

Some horlidays that we no’ been celebratin’ in the past will be rotatin’ into our horliday doodles fer future years.

Please remember ye can be visitin’ any o’ our doodles at

The Google Team