It’s known that programmers swear a lot. There’s always fucks, shits, cunts, bitches, crap. There’s the kernel fuck count, for example, which shows the number of findings of “fuck” and “love” in the Linux kernel, over different versions of the kernel.
Google recently released the Google Code search (beta, of course), which searches through open source tarballs and zips, and tries to find the number of occurences of a specific query, and then showing them. So, nothing more than a Google which searches through code. Of course, what other use could there be than searching the number of occurences of fuck. In different languages.

So, what language is the most sweared one? I used Python, Perl, PHP, C++, C and C#, to get a wide range of programmers. I recorded the number of found and also the number of entries found without anything, to have a rough view of how many packages in a specific language there are, as Google might not have indexed all, and there may be more packages of C than of C# and others. Of course, there will be more fucks in 4′520,000 results I got for C than the 62,800 that the search returned when searching for C#.

Now, the results.