So… I’m in the process of porting my blog to my own domain, since, I already pay for one, and I’ve heard that the install on your own server is *much* more extensible than

Thus far, the only snag I’ve run in to is trying to get the video posting to work. On, all you need to do is type youtube=<url> (with brackets around it, but if I actually did that here, it would embed an empty video).

I found a posting on support with a suggestion on how to post, and thought I’d link to it for my (and your) future reference:

To insert YouTube videos in your WordPress blog do the following:

1. Login to WordPress admin
2. Go to Options >> Writing
3. Uncheck borht Users should use the visual rich editor by default & WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
4. Go to Write >> Write Post
5. Paste the ’embeddable player’ code for your YouTube video in the write box
6. Publish video

That’s all there is to it!