First of all, Sony’s claim that Lik-Sang didn’t turn up and therefore incurred no legal cost is absolute nonsense. Lik-Sang’s legal representatives spent over a year to vigorously contest the UK’s court jurisdiction until the last moment, produced witness statements and documents, and replied to Sony’s allegations about parallel importation and copyright infringement. Plenty of documents were sent back and forth from Hong Kong all the way to the UK, and it was also argued to the London High Court that Sony has launched duplicate actions in different countries, but all to no avail. The court case in Hong Kong is still ongoing, and Lik-Sang as well as its lawyers spent hundreds and hundreds of hours trying to catch up with Sony’s mass of documents and claims. As a result, two different High Court judges at different occasions expressed their surprise about the unusual high legal expenses claimed by Sony’s law firm.

Lik-Sang: Setting it straight – PlayStation Portable News – PSP Updates

Ah, Sony, how little clue you have what a worthlessly ruthless company you are. Too bad your profits are way down and all your batteries are exploding. Here’s a big fuck you!

I will *never* buy a Sony product again. I am thoroughly disgusted by their business practices.