10/29/2006 9:04:18 PM, by Nate Anderson

You may remember back to a simpler time when the SAT dealt with math, science, and analogies, not with Google searches and Wikipedia. But as information and communication technology (ICT) have become crucial student skills in the last decade, organizations like the Educational Testing Service (the group behind the SAT) have created material to judge student performance in these new areas.

ETS has developed an ICT Literacy Assessment (test a demo version) that gives students short tasks (3-5 minutes, testing one particular skill) and long tasks (15 minutes, testing skills in combination) to complete on a computer. These include things like sifting through e-mail and developing accurate search queries for academic databases, along with other, more business-related projects.

[ From ars.technica ]

Funny, I think my company makes a Technology Literacy Assessment product…
Learning.com – Tech Literacy Assessment