I had no clue that Nokia was still maintaining and actively developing new versions of the Series 40 platform! My second to last phone was the Nokia 6610 (I’d still probably be using it had I not left it in Hong Kong, Heh.) – which used an older version of the Series 40 interface. Now, I’ve got the Nokia N70 which is a Series 60 phone (and considerably more advanced than my 6610), but it’s cool to see the older interface keeping up with the times since I used it for so long.

From the blog at Symplification.com:

These are pre-production photographs of the Series 40 UI 3rd Edition in action on the Nokia 6270 (pre-production gallery here). It’s really quite excellent; new features seem to include:-

  • almost full screen caller ID
  • support for flight mode (operation without a sim card inserted – this is useful so that the phone can be used on flights)
  • improved calender application
  • Active standby screen

We like. It seems that the gap between S60 and S40 is narrowing, and this is not unexpected – as flash lite and java continue to improve, all phones will become eventually become “smartphones”…