In August Matthew Shinnick sold a pair of bikes on Craig’s list for $600. After shipping the bikes, he received a check for $2000, not $600. The buyer explained that the extra money was for shipping costs and for his “trouble.”

Shinnick was suspicious, so when he went to a San Francisco branch of Bank of America to deposit the check, but expressed concern that the check might not be good. He asked the teller to find out before depositing it.

“The teller contacted the business and was informed that no check had been written to Shinnick for $2,000 or any other amount. She immediately passed the check to the branch manager. “I saw him talking on the phone and staring at me,” Shinnick said. “A few minutes later, four SFPD officers came into the bank. They didn’t say a thing. They just kicked my legs apart and handcuffed me behind my back.” The police report for Shinnick’s arrest says he was taken into custody “for the safety of the bank employees as well as the bank customers.” — SFGate

Shinnick was hauled to jail, stripped of his clothing and put into an orange jumpsuit. His father posted $4,500 bond to spring him. Shinnick ended up spending $14,000 to get out of the mess Bank of America caused.

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