Yesterday, I blogged a story and video about a UCLA student who refused to show ID to campus cops at Powell Library. The cops responded by grabbing him and repeatedly tasering him as he writhed on the floor in handcuffs, screaming alternatively in outrage and for mercy. The cops threatened to taser other students who asked for their badge numbers.Now the UCLA Acting Chancellor Norman Abrams has issued a mealy-mouthed statement defending his policy of requiring ID after 11PM (because anonymity becomes less constitutionally protected and more deadly after 2300h), essentially blaming the student for going to the library without his student card in his pocket. He says that compliance is critical for everyone’s safety and well-being, presumably because failing to comply means that you’ll be shackled and tortured by the campus police. It’s like carrying garlic to protect you from vampires.

Boing Boing: UCLA chancellor Abrams blames student for tasering