The BS Super Mario USA series is basically SMB2 from Super Mario All-Stars, but you can only play as Mario. This downside is offset by a few new features that this game offers. In my opinion, the coolest addition is the gold Mario statue. There are three in each level, and four in each x-3 level (you get one from beating the boss). Most of the time they are sitting out in the open, but sometimes they are hidden in Sub-Space (tricky!). Picking up a statue will give you a 1-Up and fills empty hearts in your life meter. If you pick up all ten statues in a World, you probably get some sort of bonus. To aid in your statue collecting, you can go back to play any stage that you have already beaten.

Another new feature is the “Today’s Results” screen, accessed by pressing Select at the “stage select” screen. The results screen temporarily keeps track of all the Mushrooms, Coins, Cherries, and gold Mario statues that you’ve found in each level. Beat a stage, and the game will X-out the Birdo or boss you defeated. The red-colored stats show which level you were in last.

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