According to Nerd Lord Joss Whedon, we will soon have a shiny new Serenity Special Edition to wrap our gorram mitts around. (And please don’t think I’m mocking the geeks here; I’ve watched my Firefly/Serenity DVDs more times than I care to mention.) According to JW, he’s hoping and expecting the SE to include a full-bore cast commentary (which will ndoubtedly be awesome), the “Tam Session” videos, all of the Aussie DVD’s extras (which look like a lot of stuff!), and (yes) new cover art. I’ll say it again: shiny. Guess that “flop” of a movie sold enough digital platters to warrant a second edition, eh? That’s gotta make the fans feel pretty good. (Yep, actually it does.) No firm release date for this 2-disc treat, but my sources tell me (and this is off the record) “August.”

Source: Hooray, Browncoats: Serenity Special Edition! – Cinematical