Hello, readers.

You’re about to witness a rare event – when I actually post my own content instead of links, photos, and videos. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

I’ve been contemplating recently the concept of what makes a blog, or any online content for that matter, worth reading. I’ve gotten more hits on this blog than any blog or website I’ve authored in the past, partly due to the content which I link to. I generally use this blog as a reminder to myself of the things I find on the web which are interesting to me. Fortunately, some of you out there have found them to be as interesting and/or useful to you as they are to me. Luckily, my top linked post at the moment is my snippet on how to enable “true” administrator access on Windows Vista (rather than having that silly User Account Control pop up obtrusive messages all the time), and no longer my brief comment on the PornoTube site. Seriously, I’m glad that seems to have waned in popularity. I don’t even like that site enough to have endured the strange barrage of incoming visits and comments on it (the post has since been edited and the link removed – though I’m sure you can find it elsewhere pretty easily).

Anyway, what really made me think of what makes a blog worth reading was my visit this weekend to Powell’s Bookstore to see Frank Warren talk about his new PostSecret book.

PostSecret is by far my favorite site on the Internet. Granted, it is only updated once a week, whereas I find new content on Digg each second of the day, but it is the most compelling and inspirational site I’ve read in a long time.

It feels silly plugging a site such as PostSecret because it is the 10th largest blog on the Internet, and mine gets maybe a few hundred hits a day, but for those of you who read my blog and haven’t yet found PostSecret.com, please check it out. You might be surprised at how touching and inspiring it truly is.

After hearing Frank talk at Powell’s, I’m inspired to attempt a project of similar scope and artistic caliber myself, but my mind is a bit too preoccupied to come up with such an inventive idea. Suffice to say, I’m quite impressed and hope to eventually create something as compelling to read myself.

Have a nice day, everyone!