I’ve been planning on getting into this for a long time, ever since I started researching Eastern Asian history (Cold War, etc.) and found out about cool things like numbers stations, Voice of America, Voice of Korea and a ton of other shortwave broadcasts from across the ocean.

So, I finally picked up an Eton E10 shortwave radio last night (picture above), and I’ve been playing around with it all night and morning. I’m finding some pretty cool things, not the least of which exist on what I’ll call the sub-FM band in Portland, Oregon. The reason I call this the sub-FM band (I’m sure there’s a more technical name for it, but it works for now) is because standard the North American FM frequency band is 87.5-108.0MHz. I changed the options on my radio to *also* pick up the Japanese FM band which exists in the 76-90MHz range.

So far, I’ve found a simulcast (or something) of 99.5 The Wolf coming in loud and clear on 78.1-78.2MHz. Haven’t had much luck with the shortwave band yet, partly because I’m inside an office building, but I have a feeling I’ll geek out on that tonight. Good times. =)

P.S. I heard Biggie playing on 78.68 MHz. Old sk00l. 😉